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You’re ready to get certified in
Microneedling if:

You’ve been in the beauty industry for awhile and want to catch the demand for these exciting services

You’re not in the beauty industry, but
want to start your career on a high note, without spending years in beauty school

You’re a salon or spa owner and want to get your team trained asap so that you can immediately begin serving clients and get a massive return on your investment

This could be you:

You’re confident in the results you provide

What if every time you saw a potential client you felt rock star confident that you could deliver immediate results, in a completely safe and professional way?

You have more time for life

You can do 6 pedicures per week and make $300, or do 6 Microneedling treatments in half the time and make $2400. Do that every week and you have an income of $9600 per month.

You make a gorgeous income doing what you love

Nobody should have to experience a course that doesn’t give them everything they need to succeed. If you’re committed, teachable, and ready to hit the ground running, you will be fully ready to begin taking clients immediately after the class.

Course Schedule:

Calgary, AB- July 21, 2019
Edmonton Region, AB – June 9, 2019 (Sold Out!)
Edmonton Region, AB – July 7, 2019
Saskatoon, SK – July 28, 2019
Regina, SK – July 28, 2019
Winnipeg, MB – July 28, 2019
Montreal, QC – July 21, 2019 (English Class Only)
Toronto, ON – August 11, 2019
Vancouver Region, BC – August 11, 2019

Just take a look at what current

Microneedling technicians

are making doing just a few treatments per week:

Price Per Treatment # of Treatments Per Week Monthly Revenue Yearly Revenue
$225 3 $2700 $32,400
$300 5 $4500 $54,000
$400 7 $11,200 $134,400

Top 7 Questions You Should Ask
Before Deciding on a Microneedling
Training Course:

1. What is your medical background?

Our academy was developed by a Pre-Medicine student who noticed a major problem in the clinical aesthetics industry. While continuing to pursue her M.D. degree, she combined her aesthetics background with her medical studies to solve the major problem of poor and unsafe Microneedling training that is prevalent in the industry today.

2. What type of support do I get after the class?

An academy should have built-in support that allows you to get answers to your questions. If an academy is too large, you will receive canned answers to your questions that don’t get to the heart of your individual challenges. When it comes to clinical aesthetics like Microneedling, support is critical for you and the care of your customers. Blush Clinical Aesthetics offers a boutique-style training experience that cares about you and your individual goals

3. Is there a market demand for the skills I’ll obtain?

We understand how it feels to take a course only to find out that paying clients aren’t seeking out that service. Because we care about your success, we only offer courses that have a high level of market demand.

4. How will I meet OSHA standards so I can start taking clients right away?

Like you, we are frustrated by the amount of courses out there who do not teach proper safety and sanitation. You shouldn’t have to leave a course without a full step-by-step process to protect yourself physically and legally.

5. Do you pre-screen applicants before accepting them into the course?

Through our careful screening process, we have an unparalleled track record of graduate achievement. We select
applicants based on their commitment to quality, whether or not they are teachable, and if they are action-takers. Then, we continually mentor and personally connect with you to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Without a
careful screening process, injuries will happen to clients, causing a risk to the entire Microneedling industry.

6. What type of financing do you offer?

Apply Since the ability to successfully run a business depends on an applicant’s level of resourcefulness, we accept students who are
self-financed, financed through a provincial job skills service, or through a first nation’s program. Payment plans are available but all payments must be completed 2 weeks prior to your class start date. We believe that if an individual is not resourceful enough to put a financing plan together, it would be out of integrity to lead them to believe they are ready to run a business providing a treatment that can have some clinical consequences. For that reason, we do not offer discounts or exceptions based on individual circumstances.
However, bundled discounts do apply to salons who register multiple students. More information on bundled discounts are provided to applicants who successfully complete the application process.

7. Can I teach others to do microneedling after I learn?

All signs show that microneedling is going to be in demand on a national level. As a result, Blush cannot possibly provide training in every town across Canada and the USA. Although you cannot teach our materials without permission, we do offer educator territories where you’ll be licensed to teach our method while we take care of 100% of the marketing and customer support. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please check the required box on your application form so we can discuss this during your interview. Time is of the essence here as new territories are being claimed every day.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

– How to pre-screen your clients to make sure they are a fit for the treatment so that you don’t waste valuable appointment times only to have to turn them away

– How to master a professional consultation so that you can impress your clients and they will rest assured they are in the hands of competent professional

– How to be compliant with infection control regulations so that you and your clients are safe at all times

– How to determine the depth of the treatment needles so that your clients get amazing results over the course of their treatment cycle

– How to determine treatment cycles based on clients skin type and ethnic background so that you don’t cause unwanted complications

– Live, supervised training on up to 3 models so that you leave 100% confident to get started right away

– The exact after-care protocol your clients must follow in order to get the best results

– How to get bookings consistently and predictably so that you can build a successful business

Here’s What You’ll Get:

– Blush Clinical Collagen Induction Therapy Micro-Needling Pen Kit

– Blush Clinical Collagen Induction Therapy Serum

– 1 Numbing Cream

– 25 Replacement Needle Cartridges

– Post-Treatment Masks

– Masks, Gloves, Alcohol, Gauze, Barrier Film, etc will be provided for your use at the course

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the course?Do I need any beauty or medical background to take this training?

No, most of our students come to use without any background in beauty or medicine. However, regulations do change and it is the student’s responsibility to meet any additional requirements of their region.

How long is the course?

Our courses contain everything you need and nothing you don’t. For that reason, the in-person portion of the class is 6 hours and every student is given unparalleled support. It is normal for questions, concerns, and difficulties to arise after learning this service and we make sure you’re not alone.

How much is the course?

The price of full training course and starter kit is extremely competitive. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. However, you must complete your interview in order to get the current pricing. We need to make sure we are only admitting those with the right personality to succeed with this service.

How can I get started?

Get the ball rolling by scheduling your interview. Be sure to fill out the application form that follows the booking page.

“Wanted to say a big thank you for everything. It was such a great learning experience and it went so far beyond. It’s really changed my life and can’t wait to get started with it.”

-Katrina H, Toronto, ON

Are we a fit?

You shouldn’t apply if:

You are disrespectful to teachers or educators
You want to be given special treatment or believe that the rules don’t apply to you
You’re dramatic and always have an “emergency” in your life

We’re a match made in heaven if:

You’re extremely teachable
You’re extremely resourceful
You’re extremely committed to everything you do and don’t let drama get in the way of your commitments

Ready to Become a
Certified Microneedling Technician?

Every Outstanding Technician starts with an interview!

Get the ball rolling by scheduling your interview. We will spend 10-20 minutes together getting to know you and decide if taking the course is the best next step for your business.

On the fence about moving forward?

Here’s the truth:

The truth is that there are many courses out there who don’t require an interview prior to registration. They take advantage of people who are just “interested” because they don’t really want to design a course that would meet the needs of someone who is “committed.”

Those courses produce unskilled technicians and leave their students confused and requiring re-training in order to feel confident.

We know how it feels to be disappointed with online courses that leave us wondering if we are doing it right, trainers who take anyone’s money, educators that won’t help us after the course, and feeling confused as to how to get the best results.

Instead, we know you want to be 100% confident when you leave so that you can offer services that make you feel knowledgable and start making money right away.

You deserve to be trained by a company who cares about you and who will thoughtfully guide you through the entire process in person.

So, if you’re only “interested”, there are many trainers who will take your money. But if you’re committed, go ahead and schedule your interview!

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  • Are a salon or spa owner looking to get yourself or your staff members trained in this profitable service

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