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At a recent training course in Edmonton, I met a model named Danielle who was having second thoughts about receiving the treatment.

She Said:

“I really want to take advantage of this opportunity, but my friend took an online course, tried the treatment on herself, and she now has large bumps under her skin. Is that an allergic reaction or a common side effect?”

It’s not an allergic reaction, but it’s one of the many unwanted side effects that can happen if you receive this service from someone who is not trained properly – even if that person is yourself.

An in-person microneedling course typically ranges from $1200-$1800, which the technician makes back 100% from just one client completing a treatment cycle of 4-6 appointments.

It’s an absolute no-brainer, but some people constantly excuse themselves from investing and turn to be “self-taught” instead. Then they wonder why their business doesn’t take off.

I wish Danielle’s friend would have either taken a proper course, or went to a properly trained technician. If she had, she wouldn’t be living with foreign body granulomas that can last months, years, or forever.

I told Danielle “I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she applied a Vitamin C Serum shortly after her treatment, not realizing the effect it would have.”

Danielle texted her friend. Sure enough her friend responded saying she had applied SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum to her skin right after the treatment.

In the Dermatology Journal, “Facial Granulomatous Reaction Associated with MicroneedleTherapy,” Dr. Soltani reacts to the increased number of patients she has seen who received this treatment from untrained technicians:

“Disfuguring adverse effects can result from unauthorized use of topical products that were not designed for microneedling. Microneedles are powerful means of transdermal delivery of ingredients. Thus, only ingredients designed for microneedling are safe to be used in conjunction with this treatment.”

Final Thoughts: Training is Priceless

You don’t need to have a background in beauty or medicine to perform this treatment. But I would only ever go to a technician who cares about her clients enough to get proper training. It’s offensive that some people could not care less about their clients and just want to get those bookings.

Perhaps what I love most is that whenever I’ve invested in myself, I received a massive return on my investment and I know my clients will not only look and feel beautiful, but will refer me to their friends.

While the internet will always be a place full of bloggers and youtubers taking risks and trying things at home (anyone remember Tide Pods?), I always seek the best trainer and do whatever it takes to work with them.

To me, it’s worthwhile and inspiring to learn from someone who has done all their homework and knows what can go wrong. And it helps me remember that the internet doesn’t have all the answers.

If you’re interested in becoming certified in Microneedling, an in-person certification course from a company who cares about your success is an absolute must.

I know how it feels to try to learn this online and be left with more questions than answers.

Blush Clinical Aesthetics holds courses in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Regina.

If you’re committed to getting the best microneedling certification out there, learn more and schedule your interview here.